Wednesday, August 17, 2016


I love how Knack looks! The game, not the character. I get tired of all the dark and gritty visual styles in most games today, so seeing Knack's vibrant colors and a lot of light was a very welcome change for me. Unfortunately, that's pretty much all the praise I can give this game. While playing it, it felt like the artists and the designers were on 2 separate rooms, not allowed to communicate with each other. Because while the visual style lends itself to a more lighthearted game, Knack tries really really hard to be serious and epic. And when you look at our hero or the rest of the characters trying to be all mature, it strikes you like a bunch of kids trying to play adult. Why they haven't gone the Ratchet & Clank route is beyond me. The gameplay isn't bad, it's just mediocre, boring on the long run and with nothing impressive than a small Knack getting bigger, but still doing essentially the same things, so who cares?

Overall, the game is decent and I guess you can find some excuse for it in being a launch title, but with so many better alternatives - literally any Ratchet & Clank game - it's really heard to recommend Knack.

1. I really like the colors and visual style!

2. Tiny Knack

3. Huge-ass Knack!

4. Superb menus!

Graphicsbeautiful, vibrant graphics
Soundnice music and voice acting, but fits poorly with the visual style
Storytoo wannabe epic for its own good
Longevity11-13 hours to finish the campaign, platinum will take much more time

It's ok..