Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Middle-Earth - Shadow of Mordor - The Bright Lord

The Bright Lord is the second single-player DLC campaign for Middle-Earth - Shadow of Mordor. And this one, as opposed to the first one, Lord of the Hunt, is freaking awesome! Not only do you get to play as Celebrimbor, in a prequel story where he has stolen The One Ring from Sauron, you get to create your own army of orcs by branding the local captains and warchiefs. And seeing your orcs fight the enemy orcs, while you activate The One Ring to do unlimited executions in slow motion, well, that's the purpose, isn't it? And if you also get to fight the matherf...ing Sauron himself, well, that is the ultimate purpose, isn't it?

The Bright Lord is an awesome piece of DLC, with more stuff to do, more variation in the gameplay and a great new story. This one is really worth the extra cash!

1. Slow motion will never stop being awesome!

2. You will obey me!

3. Face me and my army!

4. You're going down, bitch!

Graphicslooks awesome, especially in slow motion
Soundmore Celebrimbor is always great
Storyvery nice prequel story
Longevity2-4 hours of Celebrimbor awesomeness

Love it!