Sunday, July 17, 2016


Amanita Design makes unique games and Machinarium is no exception. A very nice adventure game, filled with heart and humour, with quirky characters and funny situations. The puzzles are great, even if some of them are a bit of a head scratcher, the solutions most of the time are hilarious. The sound design is really good, but what stands out the most is the art style. The legend has it that to get this imperfect hand drawings, the right-handed artist used his left hand to draw most of the game.

I totally recommend Machinarium! It's a rare jewel, not only in the adventure games genre, but in gaming in general.

1. Quite the Darts player!

2. No drums, so I guess beatboxing it is!

3. Such an amazing art style!

4. Nice trophies!

Graphicsvery nicely drawn, unique style
Soundgreat sound design
Storyquirky and funny characters and locations
Longevity4-6 hours, perfect for such a unique adventure game

Love it!