Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Horizon - Zero Dawn

Horizon - Zero Dawn is, in my opinion, the best looking game on the PS4! And considering it had Uncharted 4 - A Thief's End to beat, that is quite a feat! The world is stunning, the weather and day night cycle are beautifully made and the characters look awesome and original. Is it any good aside from the graphics though? Yes, yes it is! The gameplay, especially the combat, is a lot of fun and with a huge map to explore, you'll have a lot to do. The side quests are complex and well written, at the cost of there not being too many of them. The story is very interesting and quite original. Unfortunately, the big size of the world and it being populated with what I think are way too many creatures of the same kind do make it quite repetitive after 30 hours of playtime. Also, the poor layout of the main quest line, the one about Aloy's and humanity's past, bring down the value of what is otherwise a very well written and captivating story. When you get almost all your answers in bulk right at the end of the game, when the questions where asked right at its beginning, it becomes a rather frustrating experience story-wise, especially when there are around 50 hours of playtime in between.

Aside from the few issues mentioned above, Horizon - Zero Dawn is a beauty of a game, in all aspects and is definitely one of the must play games on the system. Just make sure to use the photo mode to capture yourself some nice wallpapers while you're at it - the game is that good looking!

1. Superb visuals, great combat!

2. So, yeah, she wants to catch the floating dandelion!

3. Quite the wallpaper maker!

4. The end, goodbye until the next one!

Graphicsin my opinion, the best the PS4 has to offer
Soundgreat voice acting, nice music but barely noticeable
Storyvery nice story, but really poorly spread throughout the campaign
Longevity50-60 hours to platinum it

Love it!

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