Monday, May 1, 2017

For Honor

Big fuss over For Honor and with good reason! We don't see too many original IPs these days, especially not ones with innovative gameplay. And that alone brings honor to For Honor - I know, sorry, I couldn't help myself! Unfortunately for me, this game is mostly a multiplayer game, which I don't really enjoy, but there is a tiny single player campaign in there, so I'll focus on that. The graphics are pretty great, made even more so by the awesome setting of the game - I'm a big fan of medieval things, so knights and castles are right up my alley. Too bad I couldn't get a real campaign in this setting, only a really well done tutorial with some story beats and nice voice acting, especially from Apollyon or whatever her name/spelling is. I appreciate the complex combat, although I have no patience for it - Dark Souls and especially Bloodborne have ruined me in terms of melee combat, so anything less dynamic looses my interest pretty quickly.

Do I recommend For Honor? Well, not to people like me, who are interested in stories and single player games. To people who are interested in multiplayer and steep-ish learning curves, yes, there is a lot to dig into in For Honor. If you can ignore the server issues, but hopefully those will go away eventually. Right, Ubisoft?

1. What's more honorable than Knights?

2. Definitely not Vikings!

3. You need to fight the fight...

4. ...before you can achieve peace!

Graphicslooks pretty awesome especially because of the setting
Soundnice voice acting
Storydecent for what it is, but it's not really a full-fledged story
Longevity4-5 hours to finish the campaign, a ton lot more in multiplayer

It's ok..

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