Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Four Sided Fantasy

Here is another short but sweet game you can play in your spare time. Four Sided Fantasy is a puzzle platformer, with some really nice and innovative ideas. You can lock the screen so that when you go through the left you come out on the right side or if you fall through the bottom you continue falling from the top. And from that simple concept a lot of cool and very clever puzzles arise!

Four Sided Fantasy is a short game, you can go through it in an hour or so, but with a nice art style and some great puzzles, it will make for a very pleasant hour! 

1. Cute art style!

2. No, I didn't flip the screenshot, that's how you play!

3. Beware the static!

4. Yay, fireflies! Not really though..

Graphicsslightly amateurish elements but expertly put together in a lovely style
Storynot really a story, maybe just a premise
Longevity1-2 hours of solving clever puzzles

Like it!

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