Thursday, May 11, 2017


If Wayward Sky was the game that convinced me to keep my PlayStation VR, Statik was the game that definitely cemented that decision. By far the best game I've tried on the PS VR so far, an absolute gem in terms of puzzle solving. The contraptions that lock you are beautifully realized and have great feedback when you fiddle around with them. The puzzles are smart and challenging just enough to keep them fun and away from being frustrating. I also loved the overall Portal vibe the game has.

So far, from what I've seen available on the platform, Statik is THE game to play on PS VR! The only thing I can complain about it was that it was way too short, not that its price wouldn't justify that, but I just wanted more, much more!

1. Welcome to the Institute of Retention! Thank you for "volunteering"!

2. You okay, doc? You seem a bit fuzzy!

3. Look, ma, no hands!

4. I guess I got some hidden secretions... o.O

GraphicsBeautiful, Portal-esque visuals and style
Soundnice doctor voice, great audio feedback from the contraptions
Storyvery cool, probably deeper than I cared to look into
Longevity2-4 hours, depending on if you go for the secret ending or not

Love it!

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