Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Wayward Sky

So I bought myself a PlayStation VR! Yeah, I got myself a ticket to a parallel universe. The first feeling: awesome! The immediate feeling after that: shit, I'm going to be sick! Side note: I really don't recommend playing Driveclub VR. After trying a bunch of demos and experiences, my conclusion was: meh, it's a gimmick, it kind of makes me sick, I'm just gonna return it! But first, I wanted to play Wayward Sky, since it was the first VR game I bought, based on its demo, which impressed me. And, boy, am I happy I played it! It's a lovely little game, with very cute graphics and a very pleasant gameplay, although kind of too lacking a challenge. But what I loved most about it was how it sold me on keeping my PlayStation VR, by showing me there are games that I could thoroughly enjoy on this quirky platform too.

If you do get a PS VR, make sure this small gem is on your to play list! I loved every minute of it!

1. Loved this point of view!

2. Cute, cartoony graphics

3. Puzzles are solved in first person

4. Simple, but catchy gameplay

Graphicsloved the visuals and the miniature feel of the game
Sounddecent stuff
Storykind of childish and undeveloped, but not really important
Longevity2-4 hours, depending on if you replay levels to collect missing stuff

Love it!

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