Monday, June 5, 2017

Blackwood Crossing

Blackwood Crossing is another of this type of games I'm really into lately: a short narrative driven adventure that talks about family, the time we spend with our siblings and how important it is, for both them and us. It's a lovely game, with nice visuals and voice acting. Even if the story isn't as deep or as powerfully told as some of the other games in this genre, it's still touching and worth the play. You can finish it in about 2 hours, more if you go for the Platinum - yeah, this little game has a bunch of trophies and a Platinum, so trophy hunters should definitely have a go at it!

1. It's the boogie people!

2. We should all spend time with our families!

3. Beautiful level!

4. 11 Rabbits, starring Rabbit Pitt and Bunny Willis!

Graphicscute visuals
Soundnice voice acting
Storylovely story about family and loss
Longevity2-4 hours to finish it and get a Platinum in the process

Like it!

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