Friday, June 9, 2017

LocoRoco Remastered

I had a PSP once! And one of my favorite games on it was LocoRoco, it was in fact one of the reasons I bought the console. Seeing that they released LocoRoco Remastered on the PS4, I couldn't help myself from getting it and playing it at once. It was such an awesome trip back to the past! The game holds up incredibly well 10 years after its original release, the graphics are superb, the music is insane and the gameplay is as awesome as ever. Deceptively simple at first, the game is quite a challenge especially if you want to collect everything, with its devious secrets and spiky thingies that keep hurting my cute little buddy.

LocoRoco Remastered is a pleasure to play, it has great style and very fun gameplay and you just have to play it, especially if you haven't done so back in its day!

1. Bouncy, bouncy!

2. Whoooa, a prize!

3. Get ready to sing, boys!

4. Fire in the hole!

Graphicsas gorgeous today as it was 10 years ago
Soundincredibly awesome and catchy music
Storyit doesn't really have a story
Longevity5-6 hours to finish it, a lot more to play and collect everything

Love it!

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