Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Weeping Doll

Since Weeping Doll was on sale, I decided to give it a try. The premise sounds nice, explore a sort of haunted house to uncover the story of the family living there. The first thing that disappointed me was the very low rendering resolution. Everything is in a blur and it's a shame because the house itself doesn't look too bad. The sounds are really annoying, too loud and obnoxious, especially the footsteps. While there is a story in there, it's simplistic and poorly explained, with little to no character motivation.

If there were almost no VR games to try, I guess Weeping Doll would do an almost decent job to show you what VR can do. But as it is now, and with many more to come in the future, there are plenty of much better PS VR games to play, that do much more justice to this revolutionary gaming platform. You're better off playing one of those!

1. Decent looking house

2. Now where's that wig?

3. Let's get cozy!

4. There, that's the weeping doll, now go play something else!

Graphicsdecent visuals, but terribly low resolution
Soundacceptable voice acting, horrible sound design
Storymeh, I guess it's a story, but not a very good one
Longevity1 hour tops, unless you're really bad at moving around

Pass it!

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