Sunday, July 16, 2017

Black the Fall

Black the Fall is a Romanian game, made by a team of my co-nationals in collaboration with Square Enix. And, boy, am I impressed with the result! It's an atmospheric game, with a great, oppressive mood, with a myriad of references to our country's dark communist past. The visual style is beautiful and fitting with the game's theme, the music is just right and the audio design is spot on. The puzzles are quite the tough nuts to crack, as I was stuck on almost every room in the game trying to figure out what to do. While there are some rooms where the solutions aren't that logical, the majority of them though are great and surprising, especially considering how few the interactive elements are and yet you still fail to see the answer right away.

Black the Fall clearly takes inspiration from Limbo and Inside. While I don't think it's as good as those 2 masterpieces, it's close enough that it can stand with pride alongside them.

1. Black the Oddysee... I mean, Abe the Fall...

2. Finally, some light!

3. Remembering an oppressive childhood

4. I doubt my bowels can take this state any longer!

Graphicsvery nice visual style, fits perfectly with the game's mood
Soundimmersive sound design, very nice and fitting music
Storythe story is in the details, for who takes the time to observe them
Longevity2-4 hours, mostly because you'll get stuck often

Love it!

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