Tuesday, July 4, 2017

The Wolf Among Us

I have a lot of respect for Telltale and what it did for the gaming industry, especially when it comes to writing good and captivating stories. But I have no respect for their misleading intro to all of their games, that your choices affect the way you play the game. Pff, what a load of crap! There is more consequence to my actions in Tetris than there is in any of their games - no matter what choices you make, you end up mostly with the same outcome, save for a slightly different cutscene and/or dailogue. Ok, enough venting, let's move on to the game at hand.

The Wolf Among Us is one of Telltale's least successful games, the main reason most likely being that it's not based on a ridiculously famous brand. And it's too bad, because this lack of huge success compared to its other titles means that there wasn't a sequel to The Wolf Among Us for about 5 years - or something like that. And, considering that in my opinion it's their most awesome game, story and setting, it's a real bummer for me, especially since the first season ended with a myriad of questions that I really want answered!

So, yeah, spoiler alert, The Wolf Among Us is awesome! I loved its superb premise, taking fairy tale characters and bringing them into our world, with a lot of other twists to spice things up. I loved its beautiful art style, with its blend of Telltale's traditional cartoon style and an awesome detective noir style. And, even if I dislike their gameplay formula, it was ok enough to not get too much in the way of me enjoying this title. Sure, there moments where I specifically avoided getting violent to a character only to be accused of having lost my control with him later on in the story, but I guess as long as we keep buying this kind of crap from Telltale and they're wildly successful, they're not going to improve their formula anytime soon!

Ok, this was a longer review than usual, but I had to get these things off my chest. It's sad that success can make it very unlikely for a company to fix obvious issues with their games. But, the takeaway is that, despite its formula flaws, The Wolf Among Us is an awesome stylish game and I really hope you give it a shot, if you haven't already!

1. She lost her head... literally!

2. Maybe a bit less passion next time you hook up, guys?

3. Just enjoying the show

4. Nothing a good old X button mashing can't fix!

Graphicsgreat graphics, loved the cartoon and noir combo
Soundawesome voice acting, awesome music, especially the title theme
Storycaptivating story in a cool setting, too bad that it ends the way it does
Longevity8-10 hours to finish, but you can replay parts to see "different" outcomes

Love it!

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