Sunday, August 27, 2017

Hellblade - Senua's Sacrifice

Ok, no point in beating around the bush. Hellblade - Senua's Sacrifice is, in my opinion, this year's best game and one of the best games of all time. Or, if you're picky about games length and/or number of mechanics, one of the best and most original stories and ways to deliver a story. I loved everything about Senua, from the superb environments, to the cool combat - perfect parries are the best - and, obviously, to the awesome story and superb performance by the main character. And, man, those facial animations are really something else! Better than anything I've seen in any game, Uncharted 4 included.

Hellblade - Senua's Sacrifice is a short game, it takes about 5-6 hours to finish it and I urge everyone to play this masterpiece! Worst case scenario, you won't like it, but you'd have wasted just a few hours. Best case scenario, you'll join me in feeling this is one of those rare gaming jewels that comes out only once every few years. And, be honest, how could you not like a game where you hear voices in your head who question and comment your every action?

1. One of the best video game characters ever!

2. Come at me, bro!

3. You think you're hot, girl? I'll show you hot!

4. Done indeed

Graphicssuperb visuals, especially for the main character
Soundamazing performance by Senua's voice actor, great sound
Storya truly unique story for video games
Longevity5-6 hours, more if you missed a lorestone and want to find them all

Live it!

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