Sunday, September 3, 2017


Ah, my last game played on PS VR - because I've sold it! Yep, it came down to choosing between it and a Switch and the Switch won a pretty much flawless victory. Back to our game: GNOG is a puzzle game, which I was sure I'd like because, first of all, it's a puzzle game, second of all because in a way it has kind of similar puzzles to Statik and lastly because it looks pretty cool and different. And I was right: the game is great, plays nicely, looks awesome in VR, but it's over before you know it. You don't even get a chance to get used to it that it's done. Now, I like short games, sure, but less than an hour? Really?

GNOG is a pretty good puzzle game, it can be played without PS VR too, but I think it's best with it. Yes, it's terribly short, but if you get it at a nice price, it's worth it, because what little there is in there is pretty fun! Just wish there was more, at least double the content...

1. Pretty psychedelic in VR!

2. Just a handful of boxes to choose from

3. One of the more complex puzzles

4. I'm purple, yo!

Graphicsvery nice and tripy visuals, especially in VR
Soundnice music, nothing special
Storyno story, only puzzles
Longevityyou can finish it in less than an hour

Like it!

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