Monday, September 18, 2017

Uncharted - The Lost Legacy

I had low expectations when it came to the first single-player DLC in the Uncharted universe. I wasn't that fond of Chloe, even less so of Nadine, so I was expecting to get another slice of the awesome Uncharted gameplay and pretty much only that. To say that I was mistaking is a serious understatement. Uncharted - The Lost Legacy is one of the best games - yes, game, not DLC - in the series. The story is great, the characters are incredibly likeable and relatable. The visuals are stunning, even more so than Uncharted 4. Somehow they managed to create a world where it doesn't matter which way you point your camera, it looks like out of a concept art image. As for the gameplay, it has mostly the same mechanics as Uncharted 4, with a new addition - lockpicking, which it isn't that fascinating, but at least it's something new. And taking pictures, that's new too. And a huge open area with lots of objectives that you can tackle in any order, for which you even have a map - you know, like a mini open world game. So, yeah, maybe a few new things, of which the open world part is the best and I'd love to seem more Uncharted games in this type of setting.

Uncharted - The Lost Legacy is a gem, it's a misfortune to label it as a stand-alone DLC, when it's truly its own game. Fans shouldn't miss it unless they somehow lost their ability to use their arms and can't play it anymore - actually, even then, watch a playthrough, it's worth it! As for newcomers, I imagine that playing this game first in the Uncharted universe will make for quite an awesome impression. But going back to the fans, you won't believe who you're going to meet again! If you haven't spoiled yourself, of course, I hadn't and it was such a great surprise, I couldn't believe my eyes!

1. Look at the pretty rainbow!

2. Duckface! Seriously, though, these facial animations, man!

3. Your godliness!

4. Nope, not creepy at all!

Graphicsit somehow manages to look way better than Uncharted 4
Soundsuperb voice acting and music
Storya surprisingly great and complete story, especially for a DLC
Longevity6-8 to finish it, but I stayed with it for the Platinum for about 15 hours

Live it!

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