Monday, October 23, 2017

HItman - Intro Pack

Hitman - Intro Pack is a... intro... pack (damn it!) for the Hitman game (sheesh!) released in 2016, consisting of the Prologue and Paris episodes. Since I wasn't sure about the game, I bought this pack to see what's it all about and I have to say I am very impressed. The game looks and sounds great, the story is captivating, but the coolest thing about it is the awesome meta-game. You are presented with these big levels, filled with lots of ways to assassinate your targets and, as you keep replaying them to reach your objectives in different ways, you get better and better, leading you to some perfect playthroughs worthy of a true hitman. Very nice and organic way to get you to that awesome feeling, especially since the first runs will likely feel like you're just fumbling about.

I strongly recommend Hitman, the 2016 title - damn these games that are part of series and can't be identified just by their name! The only reason why I didn't play the whole game after finishing the Intro Pack is that my time for playing games has become very limited lately and I can't afford to invest too many hours in a single game. But if you have that time to put in, by all means, get the full experience, it should be pretty awesome!

1. Like a boss!

2. Loved this scene!

3. Now that's a very cool meta-game!

4. Lights out, bro!

Graphicsgreat graphics, scenarios choke full of people
Soundgood voice acting, nice music and ambient sounds
Storyinteresting story, as much as I got to see from it at least
Longevity4-10 hours, depending on how many of the challenges you go for

Love it!

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