Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Lifeless Planet - Premier Edition

I love indie games, I love narrative driven games and I enjoy platformers. So I should've loved Lifeless Planet, right? Well, I didn't! I don't even know why the hell I played all of it... Anyway, while the story seems interesting at first, it falls short of decent by the end, with a pretty underwhelming finale. The gameplay is passable, basically you just jump around on stuff, which might've been ok if the stuff you jumped on was even remotely interesting or varied. But it's mostly just traversing simplistic terrains and jumping on rocks. And, for a narrative driven game, there's way too little story compared to way too much bland platforming. If the game would've been compressed in a two hours experience, it might've been better, as it is now it just feels stretched for the sake of marketing more play time.

As much as I appreciate how hard it is to make a game, especially by a very small team, I can't recommend Lifeless Planet. Most of it feels cheap, like someone took a terrain generator and used it at a most basic level, then added what should be a one hour story tops to a five hours game. Considering its ridiculous asking price - regularly it's 20 bucks!! - and the amount of much much better competing games, you're probably better off steering away from this one!

1. Looks interesting, right? It's not!

2. One of the more decent looking environments

3. Felt like a miniature astronaut the whole game

4. Oh, look, a building...

Graphicssimplistic and flat, occasionally almost decent
Soundgood voice acting, nice music here and there
Storydecent, but the ending kind of blows it
Longevity4-5 hours, I guess you can play more for trophies, but why would you?

Pass it!

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