Monday, October 2, 2017

The Assembly

I tried playing The Assembly in VR, but I got dizzy. Since it can also be played on PS4 without VR, I did just that. Not sure why, as the game didn't really catch my interest. It had an interesting premise and I kept waiting for it to pick up somehow, but it never did. Too bad, as the dialogues aren't too bad and the graphics are decent, although there's nothing original about them. The story felt more about office intrigues than the sci-fi it sets out to be.

If you just want to play around in a walking simulator with some sort of puzzles here and there, I guess The Assembly would do the trick, but with the game never adding up to anything special or particularly engaging, I think there are many other better options out there.

1. Pretty much sums up the game...

2. One of the more interesting scenes in the game

3. Underground sci-fi

4. Two knives, just to be sure!

Graphicslooks decent, but nothing sets it apart
Sounddecent to good voice acting
Storythere's something there, but it didn't catch my interest
Longevity4-5 hours, didn't care enough to play more for the Platinum

It's ok..

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