Thursday, December 14, 2017

Assassin's Creed - Origins

After I played Assassin's Creed - Unity, I said I was done with these super repetitive games from Ubisoft. So far I skipped Syndicate and when I saw that Origins was set in Egypt I was sure I was going to skip it too. Until I saw a gameplay video and I appreciated both the visuals and the changes they brought to the combat system. And I decided to give it a try, which was a very good call as, for me at least, this entry in the series was almost, if not just as good as Black Flag! I loved the beautiful world with tons of unique locations, the meaningful side quests, the progression system and the new combat depth. The visuals are gorgeous, the main character is incredibly charismatic and riding your horse or camel through the desert dunes is a fascinating treat, especially when you start to have hallucinations from the heat.

Assassin's Creed - Origins might have some aspects that fans of the series won't approve of, but taken a bit out of context it's one hell of a good game, with lots of memorable moments! Even if it's a huge endeavour to complete everything, I did just that because even after 50 hours with the game, I kept finding things that would surprise me. Considering the bland repetitive content in most of Ubisoft's open world games, this one is a much welcomed improvement!

1. Meet Badass the Bayek! I mean Bayek the Badass!

2. Even boats are back, even if tiny ones

3. I don't know if these sequences will ever stop being impressive!

4. Oh, you know my completionist ways so well!

Graphicssuperb, an awesome combination of sand, water and lush vegetation
Soundbeautiful music, great voice acting
Storyvery good, even if I didn't much like the ending
Longevity60-80 hours to Platinum it, this is one huge game

Love it!

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